Six months in: General updates

As of yesterday, it has been six months since I launched this blog. What an amazing experience. Since then, 717 unique users have viewed 3,890 pages in a total of 1,470 sessions. These users viewed My Love History the most, followed by All I know about my dad, and I grew up feeling ugly. Most users are from the US, but there are also several other places represented such as the United Kindom, Austria, Germany, and Italy. Thank you all for reading.

I have utilized my previously unused Twitter account @caniscareyou and went from 1 follower to 541 as of this evening. There’s a neat network of fellow indie authors out there and other interesting people. I participate in writing hashtag games and spread the word about my YA book, Caroline’s Lighthouse, and my upcoming adult novel, Jordan’s Sister. I learn more about other independent authors and writing contests.

Caroline’s Lighthouse is selling. I will get my first modest royalty check at the end of February. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, the book signing I had scheduled for this coming Saturday had to be cancelled. I will let everyone know when it is rescheduled. The reviews have been positive. Here’s what people have said:  Continue reading “Six months in: General updates”

Caroline’s Lighthouse Update and Free Preview

Well, as of 9:45 pm on October 12, 2016, I submitted my final manuscript of Caroline’s Lighthouse to Archway Publishing. All 52,966 words of it. About two weeks ago, I received my editorial assessment from the publisher and started my final edits. I am not allowed to reveal exactly what was written in the assessment due to contract restrictions. All I can say is that, overall, it was very positive and I made most of the changes the editor suggested.

During the past two weeks, I have printed and read aloud the entire manuscript twice and ran it through premium editing software three times. At this point, I am accepting the fact that I am human and inevitably there will be a typo in the manuscript. I finished reading a Mary Higgins Clark novel on Thursday night and found a typo in it. An obvious one involving the misspelling of a character’s last name. Seriously, if Clark has a typo, a woman who has been writing for 40 years and must have a whole editorial team, I am going to let myself off the hook. Continue reading “Caroline’s Lighthouse Update and Free Preview”

What am I doing?

cr7-wixvyaaxwnw-jpg-largeRight now I am playing the waiting game with Caroline’s Lighthouse. I received word today that the manuscript has passed the initial review process. It is with Archway Publishing undergoing content review and I expect to hear back within one month. Basically, they are checking for copyright violations, hate crime depiction or evidence of plagiarism. Since I have done none of those things, I am not worried. While I am not worried about those things, I am worried about some blatant error that I might have missed in the manuscript. Waiting is difficult because I am not a very patient person.

In the meantime, I am working on my next novel, which is a combination of two previous ones and will be a complete overhaul rather than the partial one that Caroline’s Lighthouse became. Caroline’s Lighthouse is aimed primarily at young adults, but adults can enjoy it too due to the fact that the epilogue is set present day with adult Caroline reflecting on her life. Plus, a lot of adults including myself enjoy well-written young adult novels. I loved The Hunger Games trilogy. I devoured all three books within five days to the point where I was reading in the car while my husband drove, during my lunch breaks and while cooking dinner for my family.

Continue reading “What am I doing?”