I thought a poetry directory might be more helpful to my readers now that I have so many blog posts. 

New Poetry: Written since July 2016

“Scars” The first new poem I wrote after starting this blog in July 2016. A way to rip off the band-aid and start healing. It had been 11 years since I had written poetry. Spillwords published it in October 2016.

“Echoes,”  “Eighteen Years Later” About moving on from the past.

“One Night in a Coffeehouse” About passage of time and artistic expression.

“A Walk in the Rain” A poem about a journey through depression.

“Truths Left Unspoken” The title is self-explanatory.

“Love Me More (Taylor’s Song)” It’s a song I wrote for my novel, Jordan’s Sister.

“Waiting for You (Layne’s Song)” Another song I wrote for my novel, Jordan’s Sister.

College Poetry: Written while I was in college, sometimes for assignments and other times for personal therapy. This isn’t even all of them; it’s only the ones I’m willing to share.

“Shooting Star” The first poem I wrote in college.

About Heartache/Loss: “Forget,” “Hollow,” “Haunted Winter,” “There,” “Buried Within,” “Waiting,” “A Eulogy”

About Love/Longing: “Heart,” “Pieces of Myself,” “Moving On,” “Sadness Lover,” “Be Wise,” “Mismatched Cups,” “Beside Myself”

Scary Stuff: “Faith,” “Stop,” “Cancer and Five Old Clocks,” “Coward”

Other subjects: “Distant Seas,” “Don’t Stress,” “Pissed Off: A Short List”

High School Poetry:

“Fear” A poem about the fear of something specific. See if you can guess.

“You (Kurt Cobain)” Self-explanatory.

“Explanation” and “Obsession”  About crushes.

“Angel” About my mom.

“The Night” A dark journey through childhood.